Where To Order Jack-O'-Lantern Pizzas This Halloween

Because you deserve a pizza that looks like a pumpkin.

Halloween's most recognizable icon is the jack-o'-lantern, which is great news for pizza makers. It's very easy to make a pizza look like a pumpkin by adding a little "stem" of dough, maybe a face made out of pepperoni, and many restaurant and grocery chains are taking advantage of that fact by offering seasonal pies. (Hey, I used to make bunny-shaped pizzas for kids when I was a pizza maker, so I totally get it.) There's something delightful about food shaped like other food, you know? Here's where you can get some pumpkin-shaped pizzas this year, whether you're hosting a post-trick-or-treat party or simply in the mood for something festive.

Papa Johns Jack-o’-Lantern Pizza (suggested price $10.99)

Papa Johns has been running pumpkin-shaped pizza specials for a few years now. It's a thin crust pizza with sauce and cheese, pepperoni around the border, and a little pepperoni face (which you can see here). It comes uncut, because why ruin a perfectly pretty face? It should run you around $11, depending on location.


Casey’s Jack-O’-Lantern Pizza ($13.99)

Casey's is a Midwestern gas station chain whose pizzeria maintains a devoted fan base (we're on the Casey's hype train, too). Pepperoni creates the face on this one, with two black olives dotting the eyes. It has a nose, too, which makes it look a little more like a clown than a pumpkin. It's available now through Halloween and will run you $13.99.


ALDI Halloween Pumpkin and Ghost Shaped Pizza ($5.49)

In case you don't feel like waiting around for pizza delivery, ALDI has two Halloween-themed frozen pizzas ready to go. The Mama Cozzi's brand is a crown jewel of ALDI's freezer aisle, and one that has brought us some real gems in the past. One of these Halloween pies is shaped like a ghost, with olive eyes and a marinara sauce mouth. The pumpkin one is a thin crispy crust with red sauce, cheddar cheese (which of course makes it bright orange), a creamy cheese sauce smile, and mozzarella triangles for eyes.


Papa Murphy’s Jack-O Pizza ($10-$13)

Papa Murphy's offers this seasonal "scary good" pizza in two sizes. One's a large 14" for $10, and the other a 16" family-sized pie for $13. These are take-and-bakes, so all you have to do is pick them up, pop them in the oven, and you've got a pumpkin-shaped pizza ready to go for your Halloween Ends viewing.


Chuck E. Cheese Pumpkin Pepperoni Pizza (Price varies by location)

Good ol' Charles Entertainment Cheese offers a pumpkin-shaped pizza as part of its Halloween-themed menu but assures customers that "There's no actual pumpkin on this pizza, we promise." You can order it for dine-in if you're in it to win some game tickets, or you can order this pie for pickup or delivery.