A Restaurant Named Omicron Is Starting To Get A Lot Of Unexpected Attention

Omicron Family Restaurant, a diner in Wisconsin, is getting attention due to the new COVID variant.

A diner in West Bend, Wisconsin, is starting to get some interesting and unexpected time in the spotlight due to its name. Omicron Family Restaurant is a Greek family spot that shares the same name as the newest recognized variant of COVID-19, which is also being called... Omicron. FOX6 reports on what's happening there now due to the new attention, and the diner is having a bit of fun with it.

Alexa Braden, an Omicron employee, said to FOX6, "It was crazy hearing all of a sudden, Omicron coming up everywhere." She added, "Through this, we've been able to talk about the restaurant very positively so it's been really fun to tell people about the name of our restaurant and different things like that."

I'm trying to picture what I'd do if the next variant was called "The Takeout," which means I'd have a whole lot of explaining to do when it comes to my job. Let's hope it doesn't come to that unlikely scenario.

The pandemic shut down the restaurant for a few weeks, like many. So this little twist just adds another layer to the dining experience for long-time customers, who only wish for the best for the diner.

Douglass Trapp, a long-time regular, said to FOX6, "I'm just hoping that the people that do come up here they see the name and especially if they are new and go, 'Oh, no, no.'"

Trapp also said, "Don't worry about the name just come on in." It's hard not to see some humor in this, at least for now. It looks like the name hasn't deterred too many people, as tables remain filled with regulars, who I'm sure are there for their favorite local family spot.

Braden hopes the Omicron moniker can bring about something positive for the restaurant. She said, "People should come on in and try our food because this is a positive way to make something negative into a positive." I'll take a breakfast skillet to go, please.