NYC Is Getting An NFT Restaurant And Our Eyes Have Rolled So Far Back It Hurts

The restaurant, called Flyfish Club, will be members only.

This NFT thing isn't going to slow down anytime soon, is it? When Pringles got in the game last year that's when I hoped it'd officially be over. Well, New Yorkers, hold onto your butts, because you're getting an NFT members-only restaurant (yay for you), and if you want entry, you'd better bring your crypto wallet. Well, some app on your phone, at least, because that's how you'll be getting inside. GrubStreet has the details.


The new restaurant will be called Flyfish Club, and it's being started by Gary Vaynerchuk, who's an entrepreneur known for co-founding restaurant reservation app Resy, among some other media ventures.

In order to be a member of the club, you'll need to buy one of its limited and exclusive NFTs using the cryptocurrency Ether. Right now there are two levels, and as of this moment, the lower one is worth around $8,200, while the fancy one is around $14,800 in human, terrestrial money for us mere mortals. The price of cryptocurrency changes by the second, so in five minutes, who knows, these prices could shoot up to a million dollars or crash to nearly nothing. The expensive one grants you access to what's known as the Omakase Room, which I'm assuming is just a restaurant for assholes.


There's only a limited amount of them, and according to the website, you can transfer or sell the NFTs to someone else. You'll even be able to lease it out, and if demand is high enough, you might actually be able to earn some money on it. But that's just for membership. If you want to eat non-digital food, you have to pay with regular ol' normal-people money.

But what about the food? At this point, the food feels secondary, like if you've waded through all this NFT stuff, who gives a shit? I guess people who are into digital currency are also into seafood, because that's what Flyfish Club will serve. The ultra-exclusive Omakase Room will be serving super high-end sushi.

Listen, I spent 10 years in the tech industry. All the high-rollers I knew pretended they liked sushi to look sophisticated in front of each other, but behind the scenes, they were some of the pickiest eaters on the planet. If I had to guess, the restaurant was always going to be either sushi or a steakhouse. Steakhouses were, in my experience, the lowest common denominator among all the rich tech guys, when it came to picking places to eat for work meetings. After all, it was their $30 (work expense) when it came to choosing a plain cheeseburger.


Hey, if you want to pay a crapload of money for a tuna roll, it's your hard-earned (?) cryptocurrency. Somebody sneak me in for a review when the place opens in 2023, please. I have a feeling this is gonna be hilarious.