Now You Can Have A Chance To Buy A Bottle Of Space Wine At Auction

Remember that wine that was sent to outer space? It's since landed and has even been tasted by experts, who deemed it more "floral" than its Earth-bound counterpart. If you've got any spare pocket change, you can put a bid on it, because, as Delish reports, one single bottle is being auctioned off. But you might really need to scrounge around for some change because it's thought that the bottle may go for as much as $1 million. Hey, it's space wine!

The bottle, a P├ętrus 2000, is from the Bordeaux region, and was one of a dozen that spent for more than a year in space before it came back down to us Earthlings. It's the only bottle that will be sold off; three of the other bottles have already been opened for tasting (or partying), and the other eight are being held for testing, tasting (partying), and research. The bottle being auctioned off will be sold in a special case that will also include a conventionally aged bottle so that the winner can do a side-by-side to check out any differences.

The tasting panel who tried one of the bottles of space wine also said that there were "burnt-orange reflections" and that there were cured leather and campfire aromas, which, knowing me, I probably wouldn't even notice or appreciate. But interestingly enough, the live grapevine cuttings that were alongside those bottles experienced growth more rapid than the ones that stayed on earth.

Are any of you friends with bajillionaires? Maybe we could have them share a little space wine with us. We all deserve it, it's been a rough year. Might as well celebrate in style.