Non-Profit Group In Houston Feeds Breakfast Tacos To Cold Seniors

Houston-area Texans are banding together to help those in need due to the widespread power outages caused by the winter storm earlier this week. Yesterday, volunteers from a nonprofit group called Texas Relief Warriors scrambled up and distributed 700 breakfast tacos.


According to ABC News, a volunteer donor gave the group 6,000 eggs (wow) and a local restaurant, Iguanas Ranas Cantina, lent out its kitchen. Texas Relief Warriors founder Cara Adams said that the group managed to feed the populations of local two senior centers as well as hundreds more people who were homebound.

"We had materials to make tortillas and we've used up all of the eggs," Adams said. "We are working to get more."

Plenty of people assisted in auxiliary tasks such as cooking, driving delivery vehicles, and making phone calls to ensure the process rolled out quickly.

"They were excited, they were ready to help," Adams said of the volunteers. "A lot of people in Houston have that giving spirit and help."