Caffeine-Packed Cup Noodles Sound Like Peak Gamer Fuel

Energy drinks, step aside. In Japan, energy noodles now fuel late-night gaming sessions.

Gaming and snacking go hand-in-hand (literally), and if you're a serious gamer, at some point, you've probably needed some real-life fuel to power you up for the next boss fight. Normally, if you want both caffeine and something to munch on, you'd need to have a Red Bull on hand to sip between fistfuls of Cheetos. But Nissin Foods, maker of popular instant noodle brand Cup Noodle, is releasing a product that provides you with both sustenance and energy—in the form of caffeinated noodles and rice.

Cup Noodle’s caffeinated noodles, explained

CNN reports that these edible power-ups will be released September 18 in Japan, though there's no word on whether the product will be sold here in the United States. Gaming Cup Noodle comes in two varieties: the garlic and black pepper yakisoba flavor will feature shrimp, cabbage, pork, and egg, and the curry rice flavor will include pork and vegetables. The caffeine content of the products hasn't yet been specified, but hey, as long as the fuel gets gamers' twitchy reflexes up, it will be money well spent.


How caffeinated Cup Noodles will keep gamers mess-free

You're probably wondering why on earth anyone would want to slurp up noodles while gaming. Instant noodles (and rice) require utensils, which might seem cumbersome, but that gives this meal a one-up over handheld snacks like pizza rolls because the utensils keep your fingers—and, by extension, your controller—squeaky clean.


However, splashing yourself, your peripherals, or your screen with ramen broth is something that Nissin considered in the formulation of this product, which is why both products are soupless. That's not to say that they're bone dry; the noodles and rice are sauced when fully prepared.

Verified YouTube channel japanesestuffchannel, which reviews all sorts of Japanese food items, has a video preview of the new caffeinated noodles and rice and gives both products a thumbs up for flavor.

While the claims made by products like functional water are still somewhat questionable, caffeinated rice and noodles just sounds efficient. Not that caffeinated food is anything new—I've even been known to caffeinate breakfast food myself—but applying the concept to gamer cuisine makes sense, and someone was bound to market it sooner or later.