Nigella Lawson Pronounces "Microwave" Funny And People Are Freaking Out

Nigella Lawson is a kitchen legend. A true icon of the times. Also, she says the word "microwave" funny.

This clip from Twitter has gotten everyone in a tizzy, because instead of saying it as the usual "mai·krow·weiv," we've gotten evidence she says it in some exotic way for some reason. I am going to be a bit of a spoilsport and assume she's just fucking around, because a lot of people goof around with everyday words. Sometimes I call Target "Tar-shay," in an awful fake French accent (I'm sure I picked that habit up from someone who thought this was clever). Boy, that Dennis Lee, what a kidder!

Or, I'll re-enact this entire scene to the cat.

People across Twitter are puzzled, for the most part. Some people can't stop thinking about it.

Other people are letting it shake their grasp of English pronunciation.

How is microwave pronounced in other languages? Perhaps it's Portuguese, as the word microwave is microondas, pronounced "mi·kro·on·das." We're getting closer. It's the same word in Spanish, microondas, and pronounced similarly in that language. Let's try Italian, where it's a microonde. Is there something about you we don't know, Nigella? Are you a polyglot that mixes languages together? We must understand!

We're right off the heels of another recent Nigella story, from which we learned that she butters her toast not once, but twice, like a winner. We should ask her where she's at on the whole "is a hot dog a sandwich" thing while we're at it. Nigella, are you around?

Multiple pieces have been written about this pronunciation scandal already. But in the end, this is exactly what I suspected.

She was fucking around all along and you guys just took the ball and ran with it. You didn't even just run with it, you took the ball and hyper-jumped to a brand new planet. But that's okay. I'd rather spend time thinking about this than, *gestures wildly around* everything else going on right now.