These Taco Bell Hacks Are New To Us, And That's Saying Something

In the world of customizable food, Taco Bell reigns... supreme.

In a stroke of genius, UPROXX has released a set of rankings for Taco Bell hacks. It's a fun read, because, you know, rankings. There's all sorts of stuff in there, like beverage blends, taco combinations, and the like, but honestly, this UPROXX piece is important for another reason: there are hacks in this thing that I've never seen before, and frankly, some of them are pretty cool.

One of them is a dessert hack, which you don't see often. Dessert always seems like a fast food afterthought, but one suggestion involves dipping Taco Bell's Cinnamon Twists into, get this... sour cream.

Supposedly this maneuver evokes cheesecake. Tart dairy with sweet cinnamon? I mean, that makes a technical sort of culinary sense to me. Sure, the sour cream may not be sweetened, but with all the cinnamon and sugar on those twists, I'm guessing there's a balance there.

Another hack exists to help alleviate the devastating loss of the Mexican Pizza, which is rumored to return next year. This one is particularly genius, in a way, because it takes out the guts of a Crunchwrap Supreme, and replaces it with everything you'd find in a Mexican Pizza, like seasoned beef, Taco Bell's red sauce, refried beans, cheese, and tomatoes. Sure, it's in the format of a Crunchwrap, but beggars can't be choosers, in this case. UPROXX describes it as the "Mexican Calzone," which is sort of a misnomer, but I get it.

Oh yeah, and if you miss Taco Bell's Nacho Fries Supreme, which seem to pop up for the 2,385,928th time every other month, why not make customize some Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes with those same toppings? Add some tomatoes, sour cream, and beef, and you've got a pretty good facsimile.

Then, in probably what I consider the most intriguing uses of Taco Bell's customizable menu, is the California-style burrito. California-style burritos include french fries, so a complete example build is steak, potatoes, sour cream, cheese, and guacamole. Knowing my love of Taco Bell, I'm surprised I hadn't figured this one out on my own, despite my documented disdain for fries in a burrito.

Some of the other hacks on the UPROXX list are also pretty interesting, so if you're a Taco Bell geek like me, check out the piece. It'll likely give you some ideas for the next time you're on your lunch break.