Here's Why Princess Peach Was Missing From Super Mario Oreos

Oreo's latest giveaway lets you rescue the princess (if you're lucky).

In case you missed it, limited-edition Super Mario Oreos dropped last month, available at major retailers including Target, Amazon, and Walmart. The cookies feature 16 different characters from the Nintendo franchise, from Mario to Luigi to Bowser to a Goomba. But if you've already sifted through a pack of them, you'll notice one key character is missing: Princess Peach.

Oh no! She always seems to go missing, and it's up to Mario to find her. I guess Mario does need something to do; there aren't a lot of clogged toilets for our bouncy little plumber to fix in Mario World.

Her absence from the Oreo package is no oversight; instead, it's a savvy bit of additional promotion. Princess Peach now has her own line of limited-edition white-fudge-dipped Oreos decorated with images of her castle, her crown, and the princess herself.

Princess Peach Oreos, explained

Oreo sent The Takeout a sample package of Princess Peach cookies, 5,000 boxes of which are being distributed via giveaway. I have to say, these are easily the cutest Oreos I've ever seen. The illustrations on the face are crisp and the sprinkles on the outer edges of each cookie make them Instagram gold. It almost feels like a shame to dig into them. Oh, the things we do for journalism.


Oreo has made the wise decision to go with Double Stuf Oreos beneath the fudge, and while the white fudge itself is pretty nondescript—it just tastes extra sweet—it's a good canvas for the nonpareil sprinkles, which, beyond infusing the cookie with extra cuteness, add a crackly element to each bite.

This type of Oreo is also one you can make yourself by using Oreo's OreoiD's custom cookie tool. You select the type of fudge (white or chocolate), specify the preferred sprinkle color(s), and upload the image you want printed in the center of each cookie. It's not cheap—a four-pack costs $20.99—but it makes a good gift and/or party favor.

Where to find Princess Peach Oreos

Sorry, folks—unlike the Super Mario Oreos, the Princess Peach variety won't be available for purchase at the grocery store. Instead, you have to enter for a chance to win a package via Oreo's sweepstakes portal. The promotion is now live, and you can enter once per day through August 23 at midnight Eastern time. I'm sure collectors and Oreo fanatics alike will pounce on them, and we're bound to find some on eBay at some point. If you're feeling pessimistic about your chances, you can always just craft your own Peach Oreos online—but the result won't taste quite so much like victory.