Kit Kat Thins Take A Little Off The Top

My second favorite Halloween candy, Kit Kats, will soon have a new sibling. Come February, you'll find a new, slimmer version, possibly near the cash register: Kit Kat Thins.

"Thin" in what way, exactly? Well, according to a press release sent to The Takeout, this version skims off one of the layers of wafers inside to create a lighter product, possibly even more aerodynamic as you chuck a segment toward anyone who demands that you give them a break. This isn't to replace the original Kit Kat; you'll see Thins alongside the OG at the store, like Oreo Thins and Double Stuf. And it's not being sold as a healthy alternative; instead, the product is described as "another way to break and eat [this] beloved chocolate bar" and a "variation" on the original.

How are we feeling about this idea, everyone? I, for one, am torn. Part of me is wondering if the chocolate-to-wafer ratio is going to be thrown off by this. I like the crackle of the wafer, because a big part of the fun in a Kit Kat is the texture. When we were little, my grandma used to buy us wafer sandwich cookies as a treat, and they were coveted by my sister and I. One day she gave us some, and I found my sister in the closet, covered in crumbs. She had eaten my portion and I cried about it for a long time. That's the power of crunchy wafers.

You'll be able to find them on shelves next month, so keep an eye out at the store. Also, you should know that I've forgiven my sister because after I grew up, I decided those wafer cookies weren't all that good. My grandma was awesome, though, and this story is the true gift.