New Kit Kat Flavor Alert: Fruity Cereal Has Arrived

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As the greatest food website in the world, The Takeout is here to tell you about cool new stuff that's about to hit store shelves. Today's exciting news is that Kit Kat, the snappy wafer-filled chocolate bars that we all know and love, is releasing a new limited-edition flavor: Fruity Cereal.


The press release says that it'll be available this month, so expect to see it by the checkout lines soon. Now, there are a lot of fruity cereals out there, so you may be thinking, "What kind of fruity cereal does this new Kit Kat flavor taste like?" Well, there's a clue in multiple promotional images that gives it away.

I'd hazard a guess and say we're lookin' at Froot Loops, everyone. I do wish we had more experimental and bold flavors; we all know that the Japanese flavors have a sense of adventure to them. I mean, at one point, one of them was called Exotic Tokyo (and that was in 2008, and what does Tokyo even taste like?!). That's because international Kit Kats are manufactured by Nestlé, while American Kit Kats are made by Hershey. But two years ago, Hershey decided to up its game. Now we have Mint and Dark Chocolate, which is good, but safe, along with Birthday Cake (which was only okay), and fine, we really liked the Lemon Crisp flavor, and genuinely loved the Apple Pie one. But no barrel-aged whisky Kit Kats for us connoisseurs.


No word on whether or not you can just crumble up a whole carton of the new Froo— er, Fruity Cereal Kit Kats, pour milk over them, and call them breakfast, but I'm not here to boss you around. Be free and live your life. Why not have a Kit Kat bar for breakfast?