Necco Chocolate Wafers Are Officially Back

Necco, famous for its wafers that taste like and resemble chalk, has officially brought back its chocolate variety per a company press release. In fact, the wafers will be distributed for free during this year's Boston Marathon at both the finish line and mile marker 22, reports WCVB. Nothing like eating a bunch of mouth-drying sugar wafers while you're in the middle of a marathon.

The company was acquired in 2018 by family-owned Spangler Candy Company, and by then had been considered the longest continuously running candy company, having been in operation since 1847. After being off shelves for two years, Spangler was able to bring back the original Necco Wafers with the recipe essentially untouched—although, per the release, the new chocolate wafers apparently boast a richer chocolate flavor. If you connoisseurs can tell the difference, let us know.

Necco Wafers have had a long and storied history, having been carried by Civil War soldiers, as well as explorers on expeditions to both of the poles in the early 1900s. During World War II, Necco Wafers were actually requisitioned by the U.S. government and shipped over to troops (an ideal choice because they don't melt and are easy to carry around). Candy is, after all, an all-around morale booster.

Spangler Candy Company owns a lot of nostalgic product lines, like Dum-Dums (I used to love those, so many flavors), Saf-T-Pops, Sweethearts, Canada Mints, and Bit-O-Honey. When I was a kid, I'd grumble when I got a Bit-O-Honey in my trick-or-treat pillowcase—but I must not have hated them that much, because I polished them off happily with the rest of the candy.

If you're interested in getting your hands on some chocolate wafers immediately, visit the brand's website. You should see the Chocolate Rolls back on retail shelves later this spring.