Thighstop Giving Away Thighs For... National Chicken Wing Day

You can get two bone-in thighs for free with any purchase.

There are a lot of national food holidays out there, and yes, we know they're mostly made up by corporate interests, but that doesn't mean they can't be fun. We keep an eye out for interesting deals, especially when lil' freebies are involved. Next Thursday, July 29, is National Chicken Wing Day (I'm having déjà vu, because I feel like this totally happened already), and Wingstop's doling out some extra treats per order, in case you want your chicken to come with a side of chicken.


But instead of adding extra wings to your purchase, we've learned from a press release that Wingstop is tossing in two bone-in thighs from its spinoff concept, Thighstop. We determined that Thighstop was pretty solid, but not exactly a replacement for our beloved chicken wings. Thighs and wings each have their own role in the chickenverse, and they aren't necessarily interchangeable. Free chicken is free chicken, though, and we might as well eat the other parts of the chicken that were possibly destined to go overseas.

You can order your free thighs sauced or seasoned with any of Wingstop's 11 standard sauces or dry seasonings (I'm telling you guys, the lemon pepper really hits the spot). But if you're looking for something slightly different, Wingstop is also introducing a limited-edition flavor called Jamaican Jerk BBQ. The new flavor is 100% what you think it's going to be: it's a blend of jerk spices and sweet barbecue sauce, along with a bit of heat. I can feel the sauce coating my fingers and my face already.


"National Chicken Wing Day is an important celebration for us and we would never want fans to miss out on an exciting event for any reason," Charlie Morrison, CEO of Thighstop, said in the press release. "The plan is to celebrate a little differently this year by still rewarding our fans with free food while encouraging them to try our crispy, juicy thighs for the newly-created 'Thighstop Thigh Day.'" Chuck 'em at my face, Morrison. I was born for this.