The Best Free Food On National Pickle Day

Get your brine ready because this is going to be a tangy celebration.

Attention, pickle loving community: November 14 is our day. That's right, National Pickle Day is on November 14, and if the excitement is too overwhelming that's okay. I've got a plan for you to get the most out of this most special of holidays.

You might think the only way to celebrate is to get some pickles and eat them. Mission accomplished. Yes, that is a solid way to celebrate, but if you truly want to do it up on National Pickle Day, try these steps.

Step 1: Get free pickles

What's better than eating pickles on National Pickle Day? Eating free pickles.

Per an email sent to The Takeout, Jimmy John's is handing out a free pickle to its rewards members. I'm not talking about a pickle slice here either. On November 14 you better be biting into whole dills and nothing else. Jimmy John's carries Jumbo Kosher Dills Whole Dills. They understand the assignment.


If you can't find a Jimmy John's near you, you could also snag a free pickle from Potbelly's. It's offering a free pickle with the purchase of any entree via online or in-app order, per an email sent to The Takeout. The offer cannot be redeemed in person, and customers must use the promo code "pickle" when ordering.

If you like to enjoy your pickles with some breading, seasoning, and some deep fried indulgence, then Zaxby's is the place for you. Fried pickles are truly a treat all food establishments should invest in, and getting them for free sounds even better. The restaurant chain announced customers can get a free order of Zaxby's fried pickles with the purchase of "any adult meal" when ordering through the brand's app on Monday.


Step 2: Wear your pickle love on your sleeve

National Pickle Day isn't just about eating jars of pickles (although it's definitely an upside), it's also about how you express your love of pickles to the world. Cue the pickle-themed merch.

The way you decorate your home is an expression of who you are. So, if someone were to walk into my place and immediately know I love pickles, then I feel I have accomplished my interior decorating goals. Vlasic wants us to fill our homes with the scent of pickles, and I am wholeheartedly here for it. The pickle company announced via a press release that it teamed up with home fragrance and accessories company, Candier by Ryan Porter, to create a limited-edition candle. The candle looks exactly like a jar of Vlasic spears with a wick sticking out, and the scent is meant to match that. This delicious aromatic can be purchased on the Candier website for $29.


If you want to show the world you're celebrating, this pickle-covered fanny pack from Jimmy John's could do the trick. A pickle Christmas ornament, socks, and a bucket hat are also available for purchase from the sandwich brand.

Step 3: Stock up on your pickles

Monday may be the nationally recognized day of pickles, but when the love for these juicy, jarred wonders runs as deep as it does with me, then every day is a cause for celebration. With that in mind, your first goal on National Pickle Day can of course be to eat pickles, but you have to think beyond that.


Grillo's, a top-tier pickle brand, has pickle love covered on multiple fronts, per an email sent to The Takeout. Grillo's offers the usual pickle cuts: chips, whole dills, and spears. But where the products that set the brand apart are the pickle hummus, pickle chips, and Pickle de Gallo. Plus, Grillo's has partnered with other companies to place pickle flavor in other unexpected products like beer and ice cream.

On National Pickle Day you will find me with a free pickle in hand, ready to dip into some pickle hummus, sip from my pickle beer, and rounding out the feast with a pickle ice cream dessert. Happy National Pickle Day, pickle friends.