MTN DEW Baja Blast Will Be On Shelves All Year Long In 2024

You can always get Baja Blast at Taco Bell, but it will be available at grocery stores throughout 2024.

MTN DEW drinkers are a passionate bunch, and there's inarguably a cult following around one particular flavor: Baja Blast. It's got that bright teal color (mmm... teal), tastes like tropical lime, and you can get it whenever you want at Taco Bell in its regular, Zero Sugar, and Freeze varieties. (Taco Bell even introduced a Baja Blast gelato in 2023.) Though it's available at Taco Bell year-round, it's typically only available at grocery stores and convenience stores in the summertime—so during the cooler months, you're fully dependent on the Bell's drive-thru. But starting this month, Baja Blast will hit store shelves again in both bottles and cans, and it'll be available all throughout 2024.

MTN DEW Baja Blast is headed to the Super Bowl

The year 2024 will be Baja Blast's 20th anniversary, so there are some big promotions in the works to celebrate the flavor. MTN DEW superfans will be able to scan their purchases to collect digital coins, which can be exchanged for Taco Bell offers as well as Baja Blast accessories, electronics, branded gear, and more.


And Baja Blast will be making yet another big entrance onto the scene in 2024: It'll have its first onscreen appearance during Super Bowl LVIII (58), broadcasting from Las Vegas.

What is “Baja” flavor, exactly?

Naming a flavor after a peninsula doesn't exactly describe its tasting notes. Though MTN DEW originally declared Baja Blast a "Mexican-inspired tropical lime flavor," we learned that it's mostly just a catchy name, and the beverage doesn't have any evident culinary connections to its namesake part of the world.


MTN DEW isn't exactly known for being all that serious, anyway. The artificially hued Baja Blast hot sauce, released in 2023, is still in our break room fridge, barely touched. And we weren't fans of the artificially sweetened alcoholic MTN DEW, either. But you can't win 'em all, and at least the brand is throwing everything at the wall.

Everyone's favorite MTN DEW flavor has stuck around for two decades for a reason. Happy 20th, Baja Blast—it looks like 2024 just might be your year.