8 Mother's Day Gifts That Food Brands Insist Are Perfect For Mom

Looking for the perfect gift for Mom? These Mother's Day promotions might be just the thing. Maybe.

Finding a gift for Mother's Day year after year can be difficult and, at times, a little repetitive. Flowers are nice, but doesn't it feel like a default choice? That's where food brands come in. This year, they all seem incredibly eager to keep your mom in the kitchen and/or get her drunk.

You see, being a parent is hard. And if anyone deserves a small indulgence after dealing with your shit all the time, it's definitely your mom. If it's not a stiff drink, then she could at least use some kind of treat. The following products are actual gifts that food brands have told The Takeout in no uncertain terms that your mom will absolutely love. Is there any chance they're actually right? Read on to find out. 

Frozen cocktail pops

For the mom who really isn't much of a drinker but still likes to have fun at a backyard barbecue, Cooloo recommends these vegan, gluten-free, frozen cocktail pops. "Surprise her this Mother's Day with a delightful frozen treat just in time for sunny, poolside days," reads the press release from Cooloo. Each cocktail pop contains 5% alcohol and comes in Paloma, Mai Tai, Gin & Tonic, and Pina Colada flavors. These actually seem more geared toward a younger crowd, but I guess it makes sense to give Mom a discreet source of alcohol that won't spill everywhere if the kids knock into her while they're running around. Just be sure not to mix up the regular Fla-Vor-Ice with mom's special ice pops.


Rosé balsamic vinegar

"There is only one thing that's on everyone's mind as the weather gets warmer... FROSÉ season!" These are the excited words of a Pompeian press release sent to The Takeout. Fruity vinegars are, Pompeian explains, one of the biggest health trends of the year, and the company enthusiastically recommends that Mom mix a few tablespoons of rosé balsamic vinegar into her next frozen rosé cocktail (a Frosé, rather). While the magical health benefits of fruity vinegars are not set in stone, this rosé balsamic is still likely to taste refreshing and can also be used in salads or marinades. I guess Pompeian assumes your mom can't resist anything with the word "rosé" in it, and hey, maybe Pompeian is right.


Grillo’s pickle merch

Pickle-loving moms raise pickle-loving children who then gift them pickle-loving swag. That's the circle of life. Grillo's Pickles takes this cycle one step further by assuming your mom isn't a regular mom, she's a cool mom. This means she should be rocking a big-dill streetwear vibe that only Grillo's Pickles can provide with its branded merch. Bonus: If you buy your mom pickle accessories, there's a good chance you can just steal them for yourself later. This themed merch is "sure to have all moms bragging about their fresh new mother's day gift," according to the brand.


SMEG accessories

Moms love SMEG. Or, at least, that's what SMEG thinks. SMEG, a luxury kitchen brand that sells "high-end, small appliances," is confident that its products make the perfect Mother's Day gift, "Whether your mom is a star baker who needs a new hand mixer, or loves to jumpstart her morning with a strong cup of coffee and is ready for an upgrade." Is your mom in the market for a miniature kettle that will run you a minimum of $150? If so, you can certainly turn to SMEG, though at that price point we might have to make it a combined Mother's Day, Christmas, and birthday gift. On the plus side, if you buy any of these gifts, you'll get to say the word "SMEG" a lot.


Martini kit

If you can tell, even from a distance, that your mom could use a serious drink, then Beefeater London Dry Gin really wants to be the hero she needs. The brand is offering to ship "Martinis with Mom kits" nationwide for free. Each kit comes with ingredients to make dry gin martinis with a twist. The catch is that you have to be one of the first 50 people to sign up on May 2 for a chance to win. Beefeater's promotional email joked, "And the best adult-child award goes to..." So this might be a solid way to make your mother admit you're her favorite child on a tipsy Zoom call.


KFC chicken bouquet

You have the power to make this Mother's Day finger lickin' good by giving your mom a half-flowers, half-fried-chicken bouquet. To get your hands on a "Kentucky Fried Buckquet kit" you have to order a KFC Sides Lovers Meal for Mother's Day via the KFC mobile app or website between May 1-3. You'll then receive a promo code to redeem for the kit, which comes with 12 colorful roses, a glass vase, a KFC vase applique, eight skewers, and a card. I have to point out, though, it's a bit of a ripoff that the chicken for the "Buckquet" has to be purchased separately. The things we do for Mom, huh?


Bloody Mary Mixer

When Mom needs to recover from getting litty all weekend, she could be reaching for a bloody Mary or a michelada. Whatever horseradish- or tomato-based red drink your mom is need of, Q Mixers wants her to keep having a "bloody good time" (even if she isn't British). As both you and mom nurse a hangover, you can raise a glass to her top-notch parenting skills. That's a real mother-child bonding moment.


Free breakfast

Need to make some fun Mother's Day plans? Does your mom love brunch? Well, if she does, don't take her to brunch. Jamba has a Mother's Day promotion that, according to a press release, it designed "with brunch-loving moms in mind." At Jamba, Mom can get a free breakfast item (so long as you're a rewards member) with an order over $15 on May 7 or 8. No bottomless mimosas or cozy ambiance here, but if your mom loves knowing her children didn't spend too much of their hard-earned money, this is the way to go.