Which Girl Scout Cookie Racked Up The Most Google Searches In Your State?

This map of the most popular Girl Scout Cookies from Google Trends points to a runaway favorite.

The 2022 Girl Scout Cookie season is headed our way! I've already put in my order through a friend's family, so I'm all set. Don't forget, there's a new one coming out, the Adventurefuls, which I tasted in advance and happily enjoyed. Google shared search results for the most popular Girl Scout Cookie by state with The Takeout, and one cookie stood far, far, above the rest. Hazard your guess now before peeking at the map below.

Ready? It's Thin Mints. Thin Mints, far and away, took the lead on Google searches over the past week. Get this: 38 states searched for Thin Mints the most. Frankly, I'm not surprised, because I feel like that's the runaway favorite among friends and family. If you're wondering about the motivation behind these searches, Google has data on that too. Here are some of the top cookie queries from last week:

  • "Adventurefuls Girl Scout Cookie review": Got you covered.
  • "Does DoorDash deliver Girl Scout Cookies": They will next month! Read about that here.
  • "Girl Scout Cookies near me": Head to www.girlscoutcookies.org or use the official Girl Scout Cookie Finder app on iOS/Android to determine whether there are any cookie booths in your area.
  • By the way, the knockoff version of Thin Mints at Aldi, available year-round, is great, in case you can't wait.

    Tagalongs were the runner up, coming in at most searched in eight states. Alabama, Alaska, Delaware, Illinois, Mississippi, New Hampshire, West Virginia, and Wyoming were Tagalong-curious. Interesting. I can't think of a common thread of peanut butter and chocolate that runs through those states, but okay!

    Next up, the aforementioned Adventurefuls, were searched for the most in Arkansas, Iowa, and Kansas. Those states must be looking forward to something new. And finally, South Dakota was most curious about Do-si-dos, which I think are sort of a sleeper hit. I usually don't order them, but when I have one, I think to myself, "Wait, I should get these more often."

    What sort of blows my mind is that Samoas, aka Caramel deLites (in some regions), didn't show up once! For me it's a tough decision between tearing open a box of one of those right away, versus Thin Mints, when my order arrives. How did this cookie not even land on the list? The world may never know. Long live Thin Mints, I guess.