What's The Most Popular Christmas Drink In Your State?

There are a few surprises in the national Christmas drink map.

Okay, everyone, put on your arguing pants, because I've got a holiday map for you. The big question this time around is, "What's the most popular Christmas drink in your state?" We know how much you love your map content, so let's go!


Using Google trends data, like previous maps we've received, ceramics brand Denby has dug through information to determine which Christmas drinks prove to be the most popular across the United States. The information was sent to The Takeout via press release, and all the popular drinks chosen are as follows:

  • Brandy Alexander
  • Eggnog
  • Gingerbread latte
  • Holiday punch
  • Hot buttered rum
  • Hot chocolate
  • Hot toddy
  • Mulled cider
  • Mulled wine
  • Peppermint mocha
  • First off, let's go for the winner. I'll give you a second to guess what it is (you're probably right on this one): it's hot chocolate.

    Hot chocolate swept up across 17 states, mainly in the Midwest, probably because our winters can be pretty brutal here, and we'll take every comfort we can sip on. Every winter I hear someone say, "I love Chicago, but I hate winter, and I think about moving every year." I may never utter those words aloud myself, since I love Chicago, but I definitely think them.


    One fun tidbit, though, is that our neighbor, Wisconsin, has the Brandy Alexander listed as its favorite Christmas drink. It's made of brandy, cream, crème de cacao, and classic winter spices. If you didn't know, brandy is a hugely popular spirit in Wisconsin—even their old fashioneds are crafted with brandy rather than bourbon, so this is sort of an endearing and unsurprising bit of data.

    Runner up, coming in second place, was surprisingly peppermint mochas, which took the lead Christmas beverage in 13 states including South Dakota, Nevada, and Michigan. I don't particularly understand why so many states seem to gravitate towards peppermint mochas, which seems oddly specific, but hey, it's not a bad choice. That sounds pretty good right now, actually.

    And of course, what about eggnog? Eggnog was the top choice in eight states, and the sometimes divisive drink (come on, eggnog is pretty good!), was the top drink in warm states like Hawaii, Florida, and Louisiana. I'm surprised it didn't come in higher, but I suppose it's more likely people will reach for hot chocolate over eggnog for a standard go-to.

    Based off the map, which drink did your state pick, and do you agree with the results? Are there any Christmas drinks not listed on here that surprises you? Sound off in the comments, and have fun.