Millie Bobby Brown Has Some Hot Takes On Food

Apparently the Stranger Things star is not a fan of taking photos of your food.

Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven on Netflix's hit series Stranger Things, was recently interviewed by Glamour magazine. The subject of the interview was a pretty easygoing one—"Millie Bobby Brown Reveals What's On Her Phone"—but some of the opinions she expressed along the way are rather divisive.

The conversation prompts are mostly innocuous, like "What's the name of the last playlist you made?" and "What's a meme you have saved on your phone?" But when she was confronted about the subject of food photos, she became visibly animated. As it turns out, she's got some strong opinions about the subject, and apparently she'd totally hate me as a dining companion.

How Millie Bobby Brown feels about cell phone food photos

The question posted at 4:28 into the video says, "Show us a photo of a really good meal you ate." Brown's expression hardens. 

"Oh, I do not take pictures of my meals," she says. "That is where I draw the line. My camera does not eat first. I think it's just ridiculous. Put your phone down, eat your meal."


She scrolls through her photo roll to prove that she doesn't take photos of her food—and the only picture of a meal that comes up is a screenshot she took of the Wikipedia page for "penne alla vodka." She explains that it's only on her phone so she could explain to someone what it was she wanted to eat at the time.

"Never have I ever taken a picture of my food or drink," she declares. "Cringe."

Call me cringeworthy, I guess. I'm guilty of taking photos of pretty much everything I eat, both for fun and for your edification, thank you very much—and I know plenty of others who do the same, both for their personal and professional collections.

But that's not the only hot food take Brown has professed recently.


Millie Bobby Brown doesn’t wash her carrots before eating them

In a separate interview with UNILAD, which is also posted to TikTok, she is presented with carrots in various forms—shredded, baby, and whole—and tells the interviewer that she prefers eating the whole raw carrots in a very particular manner: unwashed.


"The dirtier the better," Brown says. She explains that she hates shredded carrots and enjoys baby carrots, but none can compare to dirty carrots straight from the ground.

"When my mom was pregnant with me, she said, she ate dirty carrots," she explains, figuring this is why she's drawn to them herself. "They taste earthier."

I don't think eating fresh-from-the-dirt carrots is good idea, and neither do the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC recommends that you wash your fruits and vegetables because raw produce can sometimes contain Listeria, E. coli, and Salmonella.

But these unwashed veggies weren't even the most baffling part of the interview. When the UNILAD interviewer presents her with both hummus and ranch for dipping the carrots, Brown recoils. "Oh, I hate ranch," she says, nearly pushing it off the table. 


Again, this is in complete opposition to my entire way of life. Maybe she should try the ranch from Jet's Pizza, as that stuff would change anybody's mind. Her character Eleven from Stranger Things might even enjoy it with some pineapple pizza.

While Brown continues to promote her book, I'll be over here snapping pictures of my food and eating my carrots thoroughly washed. And I'll happily dip them in ranch, whether store-bought or homemade. Probably both.