Miller High Life Will Rent Out An Entire Dive Bar For One Lucky Couple

For Valentine's Day, Miller High Life is going to rent out one couple's dive bar of choice, just for them. They'll be treated to all the peanuts, popcorn, heart-shaped bar food, bratwurst and other meaty joys, candlelight, and yes, ye old "Champagne of Beers." Considering bars are not quite the place we want to be right now, this giveaway sounds pretty fun in its own way.

Can you imagine having the run of a whole bar with just one other person? I can't tell if that would be fun or kind of eerie. For me part of the appeal of a dive bar is the sparsely separated groups and occasional lone regulars chatting with the bartender. A whole bar with just one other person might feel a little post-apocalyptic, but hey, beer and snacks! I wonder if you get a bartender too, or if it's self-service.

In order to enter, you'll need to email a dive bar love story (150 words or less) to by February 14. You've got to be 21 or older, include your state of residence, age, and a photo, You'll also need a drivers license and to be available in February for the date. The winners will be announced on February 15. (So not technically Valentine's Day, but whatever.)

And that's not all. There's another prize to go along with it: $20,000 to go towards all future dive bar tabs. I'm sure they'd want you to spend all of it on Miller High Life, but I'm sure they won't bat an eye if you take a shot of something now and then. Because it's a dive bar. Good luck, and may all the surfaces of the bar of your choice be eternally sticky.