Assemble McDonald's Land, Air & Sea Burger, A Monstrosity On The New "Hacked" Menu [Updated]

Is it really a “menu hack” if it becomes a menu item, McDonald’s?

Updated post, January 27, 2022: To clarify McDonald's new "hackable" menu, we'd like to mention that the items listed below come in a bundle, according to McDonald's website. Instead of being assembled for you, the bundles come served as individual items (i.e. a double cheeseburger and McNuggets) and you've got to put them together yourself. Thank you to the many commenters who pointed that out, we're always listening to you.

The idea of disassembling and reassembling my meal sounds exactly like a potential mess, especially if there's Big Mac shredded lettuce and secret sauce involved. I can't imagine many dine-in customers would bother doing this in a booth, because of it. And what about someone eating in their car?

I'm also seeing a huge amount of disappointment regarding a hack called the "McGangbang" (goddammit it's too early in the day for this), which is a McChicken patty combined with a McDouble or a double cheeseburger. I'm sure McDonald's is well aware of this combo, along with that name, but I don't think their marketing team would want to acknowledge it. Unless someone wants to lose their job. At the same time, many of you are also suggesting some really intriguing hacks of your own.

User cKilps mentions wanting a Big Mac with McChicken patties swapped in, which sounds easy and doable. McDonald's, are you listening? Your wall of silence is impenetrable!

Duke of Kent says. "I was hoping they'd include the McTenThirtyFive, a sandwich named after the only moment it can be ordered. It's an Egg McMuffin with a hamburger patty added to it." (Just so all of you know, White Castle has a similar breakfast item in slider format on their menu, which is available all day.)

Another more daring suggestion from Golf R but no golfer, is, how you kids say these days, pretty epic. "As crazy as it least they didn't throw in a McRib in the mix. That could be even more gnarly. The RibIshKen. McRib + Fish + Chicken."

My personal favorite suggestion comes from soloyosh, who says, "Was hoping they were going to make the Apple Pie McFlurry a thing, thus saving me some cash." How I hadn't even considered that combination in the past is mind boggling, but that sounds pretty amazing.

Now that it's been noted you have to do these yourself, will any of you be ordering these bundles?

Original post, January 26, 2022: Everyone likes screwing around with fast food menus to create their favorite concoctions. I mean, every time I've ever been to In-N-Out Burger (which has sadly only been a few visits), I've always ordered off the secret menu, and felt a cheeky sense of power. McDonald's is one of the few places where I don't mess with the menu, but next week the chain is adding four new "hacked" items that you can order, reports Restaurant Business Online.

I guess that does bring up the question: Are these technically still hacks? Starting with breakfast, you'll be able to order a Hash Brown McMuffin, which is just a sausage and egg McMuffin with a hash brown added to it. Woo! Livin' on the edge.

Another new combination is a double cheeseburger that has Chicken McNuggets added to it, along with some barbecue sauce, called the Crunchy Double. The Surf and Turf will be a double cheeseburger with a Filet-o-Fish built into it (this sounds kind of gnarly to me, and not in a good way). The Surf and Turf will only be available through delivery or the mobile app for some reason.

But the pièce de résistance, my friends, is the Land, Air, & Sea sandwich. This (really) bad boy combines a Big Mac, a McChicken, and a Filet-o-Fish, with all the regular toppings to a Big Mac. You all can't see me this very moment, but my eyes are really round and I'm blinking very slowly right now. As much as I like fast food concoctions, I'm not sure I'm physically equipped to digest this sandwich.

But, all this being said, it's interesting to see McDonald's head into a direction with what feels like a sense of humor. While the celebrity meals have been cash cows for the Golden Arches, they haven't been particularly novel aside from a couple of new dipping sauces.

Before anyone gripes about how the new menu items could be zanier, remember that McDonald's items are pretty much variations on the set roster of ingredients, which by themselves aren't that adventurous. But offer a new product that's a slightly different shape and I'll start shouting and running around in circles. Do any of these new McDonald's "hacked" menu items appeal to you? Whatcha think?