McDonald's Spinoff Creates A Whole New Universe

The menu at CosMc’s, a brand-new alien-inspired restaurant concept, looks a little familiar.

Soon after photos of CosMc's, McDonald's new spinoff dining concept, started spreading online, McDonald's has officially revealed the CosMc's menu and announced some concrete opening plans for the restaurant.

McDonald's new restaurant is named after a mischievous alien named CosMc who who made multiple appearances in McDonald's ad campaigns throughout the '80s alongside other more well-known McDonaldland characters. The first location will be located in Bolingbrook, Illinois, where eagle-eyed residents spotted the restaurant's construction and spread information about it online. Other than the alien theme, McDonald's has been light on the details about CosMc's until recently.

"CosMc's is a small-format concept with all the DNA of McDonald's but its own unique personality," said McDonald's CEO Chris Kempczinski during the chain's second quarter earnings call.

CosMc’s menu, explained

The announcement notes that this is a "beverage-led" concept, with a menu "rooted in beverage exploration." The extensive list of drinks will be accompanied by small bites, including a few familiar items from McDonald's menu such as the Egg McMuffin and M&M's McFlurry.


CosMc's menu includes a rainbow of cold drinks: Sour Cherry Energy Burst Slush, Berry Hibiscus Sour-Ade, Turmeric Spiced Latte, Churro Frappé, and other drinks full of elements like popping boba, whipped cream, and dried fruit. The "Signature Galactic Boosts" category of drinks include mix-ins like energy shots and pre-workout shots.

In terms of food, CosMc's is all over the place: a "Bites" menu includes snacks such as pretzel bites, savory hash brown bites, and McPops, aka small doughnut holes with fillings like cookie butter and hazelnut. Then in the "Sandwiches" section, there's the classic Egg McMuffin ("From the McDonald's Universe) in regular, bacon, and sausage varieties, but also a Spicy Queso Sandwich and a Creamy Avocado Tomatillo Sandwich, both also breakfast sandwiches made with eggs.


To be honest, the menu is giving Sonic, just with a more intergalactic aesthetic. The array of brightly colored slushies, lemonades, and other iced beverages coupled with the vaguely retro signage immediately bring Sonic's branding to mind. And while CosMc's has energy shots and pre-workout boosts, Sonic's Recharger drinks all contain Red Bull.

What does stand out most about CosMc's menu is the way it's playing with flavor combinations that McDonald's hasn't really tested in North America: The Tumeric Spiced Latte, Blackberry Mint Green Tea, and Blueberry Lemon Cookie Sundae all sound unique from what we've seen before.

CosMc's also looks to be using the space-theme as a way to make the new concept tech-forward as well. McDonald's explains that CosMc's will feature dynamic menu boards and cashless payment devices so customers can "breeze through the ordering and payment process," with drive-thru pickup windows assigned once the order is ready.

CosMc's is set to open in Bolingbrook this month; NBC Chicago reports the soft opening will take place on December 8. McDonald's noted in its announcement that the Bolingbrook location is one of 10 CosMc's locations it plans to roll out by the end of 2024, with others set to open in Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio.