Are You The Director Of Taco Relations That McCormick Is Looking For?

If you love spreading the good word about tacos, McCormick has the job for you.

McCormick & Company is hiring—and not just for any position. The spice company announced in a press release that it's looking to fill some pretty big shoes. And who knows, you might be the one who has what it takes to become the new Director of Taco Relations. Sounds like a pretty cushy job, too: it pays a cool $100,000, along with a bunch of McCormick products (including, of course, taco seasoning).


If you're interested, you better apply now, because applications are only open until next Tuesday, July 20. In order to qualify, you've got to be over 21, and you have to submit a creative video that highlights your personality and enthusiasm for tacos, so make sure you bring your A-game. You're gonna be up against a bunch of excited competition, I'm sure. McCormick is looking for someone with the best taco-insider knowledge, like recipes, trivia, and taco stuff that many people might not know about, so include that in the video too, along with any other cool taco-themed things you're proud of. And even better yet: You don't have to have previous taco-related job experience. All you have to be is enthusiastic. Woo! Tacos!


Still, I feel unqualified. My only contribution would be to proudly say, "Did you know 'Tacocat' is a palindrome?" Feel free to steal that one.

The job itself involves working with the McCormick brand team to develop recipes with McCormick's Taco Seasoning Mix and talking to fellow taco fans about trends. Best of all, there's travel involved. You'd be hopping around the United States to check out famous taco joints, meet chefs, and visit McCormick's headquarters and test kitchens. Then there's a "taco immersion course" (sounds intense) that you'll be taking, too. Maybe they'll make you dress up like a taco.

"McCormick's Director of Taco Relations will ultimately honor and support the millions of Americans that rely on our taco seasoning everyday while keeping McCormick at the forefront of the tacos of tomorrow," Jill Pratt, McCormick's chief marketing officer, said in the press release. You see that? It sounds like you'll be doing your fellow humans a service!

If you're interested in applying, just go to McCormick's job application site and follow the directions to get started. If you do happen to get the job, send a few tacos our way, wouldja?