Last Call: Is There Such A Thing As Christmas Candy? recently published a map of the most popular Christmastime candy in every state across the nation, and the results were fairly varied. They were based off responses from over 26,000 of customers, along with inquiries to candy manufacturers and distributors to see if their observations fit with what the responses indicated.

The overall results were interesting. Illinois, home of Takeout world HQ, chose Hershey's Kisses as top pick. Second place was Reese's Minis, and third place was M&M's. Personally, I don't particularly think about Reese's when it comes to Christmas (it always feels way more like Halloween), but maybe the green and red foil wrappers really rev people's engines or something.

Across the national stage, peppermint bark trended upward compared to previous years dominating 11 states with a notable lack of favor in the Northeast. Reese's Minis seemed to be in a slight decline, while Snickers (?!) and chocolate Santas were on the upswing. Candy canes took first place in five states. Oh, and by the way, what the heck is Reindeer Corn, Alabama and New Hampshire, because you both picked it?

That brings me to the question of identity when it comes to Christmas candy. M&M's feel perennial to me, as do Reese's, as I mentioned, and Reese's Pieces (chosen by Montana, especially don't feel like Christmas), yet these popped up in multiple states. What is your definition of Christmas candy?