Which Christmas Candy Dominates In Your State?

Which Christmas candies are Americans buying the most?

We haven't even made it past Thanksgiving yet, but plenty of people don't give a flying reindeer and are ready to get the jingle bells jangling. If you're one of those people, then it's only natural that you want to shift gears and start purchasing holiday candy to give as gifts or stash in decorative bowls around your home. CandyStore.com, an online bulk candy store, has released a map showing which holiday candies are most popular in each U.S. state. Another map full of holiday data to argue about!

CandyStore.com's interactive map is based on a survey of 23,000 customers nationwide, which was then cross-referenced with America's major candy manufacturers and distributors. My first reaction was, "Holy shit, people love Peppermint Bark." And it's true: The minty chocolate pieces rank No.1 in 14 states. The majority of those states are in the Midwest, including Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. I'm not sure what it says about my personal bias, but something about peppermint bark screams "Midwestern" to me.

Only six states had candy canes listed as their top Christmas candy, while five states had Starburst "Merry Mix" in first place. I understand not everyone actually loves candy canes, but if you're thinking of quintessential Christmas candy, how do you end up with Starburst?

Also, please stop trying to make candy corn popular! It's the candy that just won't die already. Candy corn (or "reindeer corn," as it's called for the winter holidays) has lost major footing as a Christmas candy; as CandyStore.com reports, "the corn is in decline across the country, losing key candy corn states of Delaware, New Hampshire and Rhode Island as well." Much like our Halloween candy rankings, some treats have their day, and candy corn's day is not December 25. Accept it and move on, people.