A Man's KFC Order Didn't Look As Advertised, So Naturally, He's Threatening To Sue

Fast food isn’t exactly renowned for its shining beauty.

We've all been there. Sometimes our fast food orders come out looking like an elephant sat on them, or are so sloppy that they're nearly unrecognizable from what you thought you ordered. I don't personally get grouchy about it, but you know, in some cases, it's hard not to feel like you just experienced a bait-and-switch. One man in Indonesia has gotten so fed up with the way his sandwiches looked from KFC, that now he's considering suing the chain for false advertising, reports Vice.

Erwin Sandi purchased a Krunchy Burger (a chicken sandwich, basically) from KFC in Polopo, which is a city located in Indonesia's South Sulawesi province, using a delivery app. After receiving the dismal-looking order, he was upset and posted about it on Facebook, which is my favorite place to read about food grievances, saying the sandwich "didn't look like the picture at all."

He also said, "KFC is good at deceiving their customers." I'm sure those words strike like daggers into KFC's corporate heart.

Of course, there was photo evidence. Sandi put up pictures of the offending Krunchy Burger along with a screenshot from KFC's online menu. His was just a patty on a bun, no sauces, no toppings. Basically it looked like the driest sandwich ever.

Before springing into legal action, however, he did try and call. "I tried to call [KFC], but no one answered the phone. This is the second time I received food that didn't look like the picture," Sandi told local media. He'd purchased six burgers the week prior and those didn't look as advertised, either. This is a man who simply had enough.

"It looked underwhelming. I can't believe a large franchise like KFC sells such unfinished burgers," Sandi continued. Social media reactions were mixed. A few people found the whole thing funny, and others thought Sandi was going overboard with it. Sandi told media outlets that he was ready to file a lawsuit against the local KFC, because that is true, fiery passion.

The manager of the KFC location in question admitted that the issue was their fault, because apparently they'd run out of veggie toppings by the time Sandi had ordered his food. Local newspaper Pikiran Rakyat interviewed the manager to find out more. Apparently he'd told the delivery person to let Sandi know that his food was missing some ingredients, but that information was likely not conveyed.

Eventually Sandi met with KFC management and agreed to settle the issue via mediation. In that process, KFC won't have to fire any employees involved in the dispute and will simply have to agree to do a better job in the future. But if the chain fails to improve its performance, Sandi said that legal action isn't off the table. Better stock those veggies, KFC.