Man Nearly Sacrifices Baby And Beer To Catch Foul Ball But Emerges Triumphant

The catch makes for a hell of an instant replay shot.

A man holding his baby and a beer at an Arizona Diamondbacks game made an astonishing one-handed catch of a foul ball, all without losing either in the process. Well, a few drops of beer were shed, but no more than you'd lose by wildly gesturing over an intense play. Don't worry, there's footage, shared by The Drinks Business.

I can't tell if I should be impressed, concerned, or both. I guess I'm allowed to feel a lot of things all at once. Twitter reactions were mixed. "This is the most amazing dad shit I've ever seen," wrote one user. Another felt more sympathy for the child's mother: "the minute i see my husband almost dropping our child trying to catch a BALL is the very same minute im going to start filing for divorce with full custody," she wrote.

This dad joins the pantheon of legendary baseball fans who have caught balls while holding beer, however, and in the history of the game there've been some remarkable ones documented on live television. I have trouble enjoying a lap full of helmet nachos without spilling them on me, so I really do think that these catches are something worth celebrating.

For example, this guy makes chillin' at a baseball game look easy, even though a projectile was hurtling towards him at a pretty rapid clip. I admire his wide stance and confident catch, left-handed, with an inverted grip and everything. If you ask me to catch something with my left hand, rest assured that I will indeed flub the damn thing and it'll bounce on the floor and we'll all have a good cry. Then there was this guy who managed to corral a ball with both hands clutching a beer. And the other guy whose life was saved by the beer can that caught the impact of a foul ball.

However, I still think my favorite is when a Cubs fan caught a foul ball in her beer and then slammed the rest of it like a champion:

Not everything ends in triumph, however. We did cover the time a fan lost their probably-very-expensive baseball stadium food in an attempt to catch a ball, not once, but twice in the same game, while trying to catch multiple balls headed their way. I could watch this shit all day. I'm glad everything turned out well for the dad and the baby, who now have a story to tell at every family gathering for years to come.