Lime Skittles Are Coming Back Permanently

Step aside, green apple. It’s time to bring back the trusted and true lime flavor.

Fans have been pining for lime-flavored Skittles for years, and the brand has finally listened to your pleas: lime Skittles are permanently returning to the rainbow, per a press release sent to The Takeout. We know you miss them, as evidenced by some of your comments on the all-lime Skittles update we published earlier this year. For example, Takeout commenter E=MC Hammered wrote:

I got blocked by the official Skittles Facebook page for a long, profanity-laced rant I posted when they replaced lime with apple...haha. I'm going to keep an eye out for these. Lime is the best flavor, green apple is the worst. These are facts and I can prove them on a home computer.

If being banned from the Skittles Facebook page isn't passion, I don't know what is. Speaking of which: after replacing lime-flavored Skittles in 2013, green apple Skittles have been permanently booted from the rainbow roster. Getting unbanned from the Skittles Facebook page may prove to be an equally Herculean task, but I believe in you, E=MC Hammered.

Now, green apple Skittles fans will only be able to find that flavor in gummy form. This isn't going to be an instant transition, however, so green apple fans still have some time to scoop up the last of them in traditional Skittles flavor pack form. You better scoot on over to the store to swoop 'em all up! Get to scootin'!

If you need a Skittles refresher, like I did, the original Skittles packs will now contain: orange, lemon, strawberry, grape and lime. (Side note: I feel like my head is coming unscrewed, because I totally thought that red one was cherry, not strawberry!) Oh, well. With Halloween on the way, I'll have plenty of chances to pick through candy and decide which ones are my favorite.