Lay's Debuts New Seasonal Potato Chips, Signaling The Official Start Of Summer

You all have no idea how excited I am for this summer. I feel like I blew last summer, big time, even though I knew chillin' outside was safe (as long as you weren't huffing directly into people's faces). We just laid low. But I have a feeling I'll be hanging out in a lot of people's backyards this year, and it'll be glorious. And backyard hangin' out sessions mean a lot of grilling and snacking, and especially a big-ass bag of potato chips that people graze on all afternoon.

As a sucker for limited-time-only releases, I was delighted to receive a press release that Lay's has introduced three new flavors this week: Chile Mango, Jerk Chicken, and Summer BLT.

The Chile Mango and the Jerk Chicken flavors sound best to me. The Chile Mango, I'm assuming, will be sweet, a little sour, and savory. If you think of sweetness not being ideal for potato chips, just munch on some barbecue-flavored potato chips and remind yourself how sweet those things can get. The jerk-chicken-flavored potato chips sound great because there's a lot of flavor packed into jerk seasoning.

I'm not so sold on a BLT-flavored chip, however. In my experience, most simulated bacon flavors are... terrible. (Bacon cotton candy is bizarre at best.) You can't just use smoke flavor and assume everyone's going to think it's bacon! The press release mentions that lettuce and tomato flavors are included as well. Lettuce flavor? We'll see about that, Lay's. In the meantime, here's to fantasizing about a summer where we can all see each other's faces.