Last Call: Would You Eat Brood X Cicadas?

Okay, everyone, brace yourselves: In a few days or a few weeks, the Brood X cicadas are going to rise from the ground en masse. When I say "en masse," I mean, it's likely the population is going to be in the trillions, and they'll be emerging in parts of at least 15 states. Considering I can barely count past five, I'm just going to imagine this as a metric buttload of beady-eyed space alien bugs.

People do, in fact, eat them. I can't even handle the thought of it—or at least, I couldn't at first. I'm slightly coming around to the idea, but only if someone else prepares and cooks them for me, and I don't have to look at them too closely while I eat. What's goofy is that I'm fine with most other bugs, like chapulines, silkworms, and ants (still not cool with the idea of eating tarantulas yet). It's those goddamn eyes.

Now, a surprising amount of you commenters mentioned that you'd tried cicadas before, and those who did generally concurred that they were just fine to eat. Color me impressed! For the rest of you who haven't yet gotten the opportunity to give them a shot, would you try a Brood X cicada?