Last Call: Which Food Would You Like To See Robotic Vending Machine Makers Tackle Next?

Earlier today, we posted about a pizza vending machine that plenty of Italians were not too happy about. Naturally, this news appealed to us; at The Takeout, we keep close tabs on the robot situation in the food world. We're here to tell you when the robots pop up at places like KFC, and when they start making your salad. And what is a pizza vending machine if not a pizza robot?

Now, robots making pizza is sort of a no brainer. There's the stretching of the dough, topping the pizza, then baking it off. The whole thing makes sense from a robotic assembly perspective, as the process is pretty straightforward from start to finish. Burgers also make sense; all your bot has to do cook a patty, flip it, then put it on a bun and add toppings.

So if you could pick a food—any food—what would you like to see cooked, assembled, and delivered via a vending machine? My money's on tacos.