Last Call: What's Your Favorite Instant Ramen?

My instant ramen consumption (or as we Koreans say, "ramyeon") is perhaps once every other week, which I admit isn't a ton. But when I crave it, there's no stopping me. Everyone has their preferences, whether it's Maruchan, Shin, Indomie, Nissin; there are so many choices now. Instant noodles even made their way into an Oscar-winning movie. I'm also noticing a huge innovation in Cup Noodles at the store, which makes for a quick office drawer lunch (if you're back in an office, of course).

Plus, it's so damn versatile. We're huge fans of doctoring up our noodles. But with all these choices, I'm curious as to which you're all fans of, and how often you have the cupboard staple.

For the record, I am team Neoguri in the original red packaging, with a slice of Muenster (once you try it, you'll be a believer) and an egg, which I cook just enough to keep the yolk liquid. I stir the yolk in to create a silky broth right before I eat it. These are just some pro tips for you from me, Dennis. Now let's hear about your favorite ramen and how you dress it up.