Last Call: We Wholeheartedly Support The Twitter Account Dedicated To Reviewing Canned Meats

I am fascinated with everything in a can. I've tried a peanut butter and jelly sandwich from a can (a little disappointing since it was just packets of peanut butter, jelly, and bread), canned silkworms, quail eggs, turtle soup, pork brains, and plenty more things that I've forgotten, probably because I ate those pork brains. I still have not found the legendary cheeseburger in a can.


All this being said, I went down a Twitter rabbit hole after Takeout contributor John Carruthers tweeted the following:

So, naturally, I had to click through to this Twitter account, @Cannedmeats1, new as of mid-November, and have been subsequently delighted by the content. This mysterious user tastes canned meats and methodically reviews them, like this Sweet Sue's Whole Canned Chicken:

If you know me personally, then you know that I am not only obsessed with this chicken, but I have already tried it twice, both to my disgust and to my delight. Part of the review involves the account owner's dog, who also weighs in on things like conch, Vienna sausages, and fish.


While the account is fairly new, there's a lot of fun stuff on it, the reviews are genuine, and it's got the appeal of unboxing videos plus the fascination of those mukbang eating videos at the same time. So go ahead, have some fun, enjoy some canned meat—and that reminds me, I've got a couple cans of smoked oysters that are waiting for me after I'm done writing this.