Last Call: My Nuggets Made It All The Way To TV

Just last week, I taste tested some limited-time-only turkey nuggets, called ThanksNuggets, from Perdue. The nuggets sold out in under three minutes, but luckily, Perdue was able to send me a bag to try out. They're an entire simulated Thanksgiving dinner crammed into two different types of breaded turkey nuggets, one flavored to mimic cranberry sauce and stuffing with dark meat, the other inspired by the flavor of sweet potato (no sweet potato included) and white meat.

To my surprise, when I sat down in front of the computer this morning, the first email in my inbox informed me that Stephen Colbert mentioned the ThanksNuggets on the Late Show last night, and The Takeout was the source material.

Imagine that. I've been a full-time staff writer at The Takeout for just over a month, and my thorough review of a bag of novelty nuggets makes it to The Late Show. Colbert's nugget segment was positioned right after a story involving the lead singer of The Sex Pistols, Johnny Rotten, who was bitten on a very unfortunate location on his body by a flea. I know there's going to be a lot of retrospectives about 2020 being a strange year, but if you'd told me in January that any of this was going to happen, I would have stared at you as if you were just a figment of my imagination.