Last Call: Do You Have Different Snacks For Watching Sports And Watching Movies?

The Big Game is this weekend, and since the Super Bowl is sort of an unofficial food holiday for so many, I started thinking about the food I eat when I watch sports. Then it occurred to me that those foods are different from the ones I pick when I'm watching a movie on the couch. Buffalo wings while watching a game is a no-brainer, while eating buffalo wings while watching a movie doesn't even remotely cross my mind, and in fact, sounds weirdly gross. I am looking deep inside myself to see why I feel that way. There may need to be some soul- searching involved.

But what's interesting is that there's a bit of crossover. Chips and dip during a movie? Okay. Chips and dip during a game? Of course. Pizza crosses over both lines too. Yet there's no way I'll eat ribs during a movie, but I wouldn't think twice if it was during a game. I don't eat candy or ice cream while watching sports, but during a movie, this won't make me bat an eye (though I'm sure there's plenty of previous theater-going conditioning involved here). Are there any foods that you consider strictly for watching sports, and those you consider strictly for watching movies?