The Pandemic Has Taken Away All-You-Can-Eat Popeyes

The last remaining Popeyes buffet is no more, and it hurts.

Absolutely incredible how I can miss something I never had. The last and, as far as I knew, only all-you-can-eat Popeyes location has officially closed its doors, reports HOT 107.9 in Lafayette, Louisiana, where the fried chicken buffet was located.

The radio station reported that the location will re-open with its regular menu when indoor dining is allowed, but the $10 buffet option will not be making a comeback. It's unsurprising that a dining experience where food is left out in the open and you serve yourself might not appeal to people living through a pandemic—but that doesn't mean this doesn't hurt. I was never lucky enough to experience this top-tier chicken deal, but bless those who did.

HOT 107.9's deejay, DJ Digital, added: "I was almost certain there was a time where tacos, macaroni and spaghetti were once an option on the buffet line." The DJ confirmed with the Popeyes location's store manager that this was, in fact, true for a time, but then the options were discontinued. What a time it must have been to have tacos and spaghetti for around $10 in a Popeyes.

Since then, it's obvious Popeyes focus has shifted to bigger money-makers like celebrity collaborations and the renowned chicken sandwich. The brand has set the bar high and could be described as a trend-setter when it comes to fried chicken opportunities.

We've already predicted the death of buffets in 2022, but maybe this is an opportunity for a new Popeyes dining experience. What about chicken pods? Eat your fried chicken in a cozy drumstick-shaped bubble, eh? Or how about air-fryer robots that serve your chicken? Are you writing this down, Popeyes?

This is why they pay me the big bucks, but I'll take a lifetime of free Popeyes in exchange for these winning ideas.