Kroger Data Shows Which Foods Americans Are Buying Most For The Holidays

A nice cheese board by the fireplace seems to be the move this holiday.

Unlike last month's wave of interest in dining out for Thanksgiving dinner, it now seems that people are prepared to celebrate the rest of the holiday season, through the end of the year, in the comfort of their homes. Kroger's recent market research into consumers' holiday plans found that many of us are all too ready to cozy up at home with a slice of cheesecake. Yes, cheesecake.

Based on data collected via  84.51º, Kroger's "retail and data science, insights and media arm," it sounds like consumers will be focused on making the most of their holiday at home, rather than making any grand plans outside the house. To do that, they'll be looking to custom and premade charcuterie boards as the highlight of their spreads. (Is anyone surprised by charcuterie's continued dominance?) Kroger projects it will sell more than 1.6 million pounds of cheese and more than 900,000 deli trays to customers throughout the 2022 holiday season.

Kroger also noted that customers really want to step up their cheese board game with some high-end selections. According to the data, Gruyere cheese is the "most sought after" by customers for the second year in a row, and Gournay Cheese hovered near the top of all search queries among Kroger customers—which makes sense, since Gournay is the best possible cheese you can mix into your mashed potatoes. Boar's Head Honey Chèvre Goat Cheese was also a leading contender.

After people fill up on the finger foods, habits remain pretty traditional when it comes to the main course. Everyone's shopping for hearty mains like ham and rib roast, as well as typical sides like vegetables and rolls. Protein, starch, veg. No one wants to mess with the formula too much.

The real surprises come with dessert. We all expect a pie at Thanksgiving, and that expectation lingers at gatherings throughout the holiday season, but Kroger notes that cheesecake is the reigning dessert in December: Customers are projected to take home 800,000 pounds of the brand's Private Selection Cheesecake this year.

Gruyere, Gournay, Chevre, cheesecake—what I'm taking from this data is that cheese is the true winner of the holiday season. Fine by me. Merry Cheesemas to all.