A KFC In Spain Camouflaged Itself As IKEA To Snag A Few Customers

Brands trolling brands is a trend that seems to be sticking around.

In some cheeky international fast food fun, Hypebeast reports that a KFC in Spain caused some mischief by disguising itself as an IKEA in order to lure customers in. The IKEA in question is located on Mallorca Island, one of Spain's Balearic Islands (Mallorca has an IKEA?!), which sounds like a collision between two types of paradise. One inside, and one outside.

What's particularly funny is that people refer to that location of the island as "where IKEA is," so KFC took full advantage of that fact and created a sneaky billboard that has IKEA's signature logo colors, blue and yellow, though it retained its own font. Check it out:

Heh. The entire Twitter feed for KFC now seems to be a bunch of bizarre shitposts that I can't stop looking at. IKEA Spain took it all in stride, and the two brands shared some wacky-ass banter online, with IKEA responding (this is translated into English), "Thank you KFC for telling people where the #ChickenChicken is: on our HUVUDROLL meatballs."

Part of me is suspicious now. Do KFC and IKEA share the same marketing company? Or are we all just witness to a generation of social media content creators that all share the same cheeky sensibilities—namely, that fooling around incessantly online (and apparently in real life), gets business? Oh, the constant questions. I have to admit that, if someone pulled that in Chicago, I'm sure I'd get endless glee out of it—though I think I'd be more tempted to go visit IKEA over KFC. Because, come on, those meatballs (which I am a sucker for)? Those shiny displays of cabinets along with affordable sets of furniture? I just hope IKEA would excuse me for sneaking a couple extra crispy thighs in, along with the best coleslaw in the game.