KFC Is About To Sell Pizza, Sort Of

This unconventional mashup of chicken and pizza has previously been offered overseas.

Put up your dukes, Domino's, because there's a new competitor in the ring. No, it's not Pizza Hut. Fried chicken giant KFC has announced that it will soon be adding its own type of pizza to the otherwise poultry-focused menu: Starting February 26, it's unleashing what's known as a Chizza to the U.S. masses—and to some KFC fans, that name might sound awfully familiar.

What is KFC’s new Chizza?

KFC's new Chizza features two Extra Crispy white meat chicken filets topped with marinara sauce, melted mozzarella, and pepperoni. So, yes, it's pretty much a pizza with a base of chicken instead of bread. Think of it like a reimagined chicken Parmesan of sorts, sans Parmesan. With pepperoni on top. Maybe there isn't an easy way to describe this after all.


There are two versions: The "full" Chizza, which comes with two chicken filets, and the "half," which comes with only one. KFC customers will also have the option to order a combo version with a full-sized Chizza, fries, and a drink.

The KFC Chizza has been available in the past

This, we should point out, is the American debut of the KFC Chizza, but international fans will know that this is nothing new. The Chizza was originally released in 2015 in the Philippines, although that version had different toppings: Along with the marinara, mozzarella, and pepperoni, the Filipino version was served with green bell pepper and pineapple. You can only imagine the type of controversy that would spark here.


After that, a bunch of other countries were treated to variations on KFC's Chizza, including Mexico, Germany, Spain, Thailand, India, Taiwan, and Korea. The fact that it's only now debuting in America is treated like a benefit; KFC's chief marketing officer says in the press release, "The fan-favorite mashup is finally available in the U.S. after making its way around the world – try it while you can!"

How does the KFC Chizza taste?

Back in 2015 when the internet was up in arms about this KFC Philippines creation, I recreated the Chizza at home by simply baking all of the aforementioned ingredients (including the pineapple) on top of a boneless filet, just out of sheer curiosity. And you bet I took notes.


From my archives: "I ate this, and it tasted like salty, salty, KFC chicken with pizza sauce, pineapple, green bell peppers, pepperoni, with mozzarella cheese on top, because that's exactly what it is." I followed up that note with, "It'll leave so much grease on your ceramic plates that you'll be able to see through them."

This Chizza hoopla all points at an effort to grab the attention of younger customers. With the release of KFC nuggets, plus the limited-time revival of the Double Down, and now the U.S. debut of the Chizza, it's clear that KFC is taking a cue from its sister brand Taco Bell, pulling stunts and aiming for more extreme flavor combinations.

Attempting to move past the old-timey legacy of KFC mascot Colonel Sanders might prove difficult in the months ahead. Though he's central to KFC's branding, he will never stop feeling like a relic of the past, at least to me. We'll see if some culinary playfulness will pay off for the brand down the line.