Jamie Oliver Likes To Put Grapes On His Pizza

You even whisper the word "pineapple" near a pizza, and someone will spring out of your closet and start waving their arms in your face while shouting about how pineapple doesn't belong on pizza. Yeah well, how come you couldn't stop this from happening?

People will, as you can see, put anything they want on pizza, including candy corn. Or Froot Loops. I've made shakshuka pizzas, broccoli casserole pizzas, I've even put popping boba on pizza, and all of these things turned out well. Rules mean nothing in my world!

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver swears by one ingredient that he puts on a surfboard-shaped pizza that he pairs with sausage—and it's grapes. Red grapes, to be specific. Hello! has the details.

This is nowhere near the most controversial thing I've seen on a pizza. I can see the appeal in the inherent "meatiness" of grapes, in a way, though I feel like the end result might be soggy. I have seen grapes on other pizzas too, typically with strongly flavored cheeses like gorgonzola or taleggio.

This pizza is typical of Oliver's breezy cooking style, a mix of plenty of garden-fresh ingredients. Not only are there giant knobs of sausage and grapes, but there's also red onion and entire sprigs of rosemary, plus pine nuts on top. Oliver is not one to shy away from controversy anyway: he once got death threats because he put chorizo in his paella. Grapes may be the least of his culinary crimes.