Misprinted Starbucks Cups Confirm Nothing Is As It Should Be

A supply mistake turns into a limited edition opportunity.

Coffee drinkers are pretty serious about their caffeine supplier, but the community doesn't mind taking a few jabs at Starbucks when the opportunity presents itself. The most recent cause for teasing is inside-out coffee cups going viral on TikTok.


The Daily Dot reports that a TikTok showing Starbucks coffee cups with the logo and other usual details printed on the inside instead of the outside has gained popularity with plenty of comments making fun of the coffee chain. One commenter suggested selling the cups as limited edition art pieces, and @sereniteaboyyo, the TikTok creator said they planned on it. However, neither Starbucks nor the TikTok poster confirmed the cups would actually be sold to customers.

Other commenters thought even deeper about what the misprint represented, writing things like, "We are the coffee now" and "We get in the cup and the coffee drinks us." And some commenters had more practical concerns saying that people would be drinking ink because of the print on the inside.This prompted @sereniteaboyyo to post a follow up TikTok filling one of the cups with water and testing its durability. (It seemed to hold up just fine.)


While supply chain issues have affected Starbucks and many other food industry chains for at least the past year, this seems like a quality control mishap. On the bright side, people on TikTok took it pretty lightly. I doubt that a few misprinted cups would keep any dedicated Starbucks customers from picking up their usual order.

Who knew something as simple as a misprint could lead to limited edition art and millions of TikTok views. Good thing these "mistakes" weren't thrown out—one supply chain's mistake is a barista's gain.

Did you get an inside-out cup during your recent Starbucks run? Let us know in the comments.