No, In-N-Out Isn't Serving Fried Chicken Sandwiches

Multiple videos showing the alleged fried chicken sandwiches on TikTok have been debunked as a hoax.

This is internet rule number one: don't believe everything you see online. It's 2021, so you'd think most people would have figured that out by now. Case in point: reports that TikTok users have been posting videos of themselves receiving a fried chicken sandwich from In-N-Out's secret menu. Sure, In-N-Out's secret menu is a magical wonderland, but it's not so magical that you can wish yourself up a fried chicken sandwich.

You can watch one of the the TikTok videos in question here. In the video, the user walks into an In-N-Out location and asks the cashier for a fried chicken sandwich. The video cuts away before any response is given from the In-N-Out employee, and suddenly the person taking the video is seen walking away from the counter with a tray that has a chicken sandwich on it. Then you hear him saying, "Wow, it does exist!"

To be fair, the chicken sandwich does look pretty nice, and comes dressed with what appears to be In-N-Out's secret sauce. But commenters were quick to notice details that seemed... off. One wrote: "Not wrapped in the paper and the outside pouch is mangle from u switching. Lettuce isn't wedged either. Totally transferred from burger."

Another TikToker, @mommapeaches5, claimed to have done the same thing. The user posted a video of an In-N-Out carry-out box featuring a fried chicken sandwich nestled between a bunch of burgers. Compelling, no? Don't be fooled: The Daily Dot did some investigating, checked in directly with In-N-Out's corporate office, and got the definitive answer.

Kathleen Luppi, In-N-Out marketing communications specialist, said via e-mail, "The social media videos featuring a chicken sandwich or chicken burger at out restaurants are not accurate. The videos were likely created as a prank, or to attract online attention." Unfortunately, the trolling is working, as one TikTok commenter mentioned that an In-N-Out employee had already received multiple requests for the item in one day and was asking for people to stop.

As much as I enjoy In-N-Out, I don't think I'd ever feel compelled to order a chicken sandwich from them. It's a principle thing. I can definitely see some chains benefiting from adding one to the menu, but if In-N-Out does it, I think it's safe to say the fast food world officially has too much fried chicken.