Impossible's Possible IPO Is Rumored To Be... How Much?!

If I have to choose between Beyond Meat and Impossible, I'm firmly in camp Impossible. Though I'll happily eat either with no complaints, I'm not particularly a fan of the smell of Beyond Meat as it's cooking. It's cat food-like and distracting. So I keep a frozen package of Impossible in the refrigerator or freezer at any given time. It's been sort of an subconscious change, but the red meat consumption has been steadily declining in our household in favor of other proteins, like fish, chicken, and pork, and veggie substitutes have been quickly climbing up the list. Every now and then there'll be a steak or beef stew, but that's becoming kind of rare.

As Impossible's demand grows, it's looking very likely that the company will go public within the next 12 months, and according to VegNews, its valuation might be a whopping $10 billion right out the gate. That's not pocket change. In fact, there's not enough room in my pockets for that kind of moo-la. (See what I did there? I'm glad I don't have a standup comedy career.)

Impossible made its debut in upscale restaurants in 2016, but it's now widely available at chains like Burger King and Starbucks, and at Disney properties. It made its retail debut in 2019, and, for me at least, is readily available at local grocery stores. Impossible's lofty goal is to replace all animal-based protein with plant-based protein by 2033 (hey, dream big).

Other plant-based companies, like Oatly and JUST Egg, are looking into launching their own IPOswhen the timing is right. That's some serious business. But we'll have to wait and see if that $10 billion IPO for Impossible really is Impossible, or if it'll be reality.