Idaho Man Arrested For Offering Marijuana Wax On Facebook To Anyone Who Brought Him Fast Food

It looks like more and more states are getting on board with legalizing marijuana. Meanwhile, we can take some enjoyment in the idiot way some people get arrested, bartering this still-illegal substance in exchange for food and wares. We thought the guy trying to swap weed for a Circle K hot dog took the prize, but he has since been trumped by absolute laziness. According to the Idaho State Journal, a 22-year-old man just got arrested for also offering to swap a pot product for fast food, specifically McDonald's or Burger King, delivered to his home. Unfortunately, the communication vehicle of choice was Facebook.

So many questions and thoughts. First, laziness aside, we must applaud this man for not going out in his altered state and driving to the McDonald's or Burger King drive-thru. However, do they not have UberEats or pizza delivery in his area of Idaho? (Maybe they don't.) Or did this guy not have any money, just marijuana wax to barter with like the Circle K guy? (Also, TIL there is such a thing as marijuana wax, an extremely potent substance that gets melted down and vaped.)

At any rate, once police became aware of the the man's personal Facebook post, "offering a gram of marijuana wax to anyone who would bring him McDonald's or Burger King fast food," Idaho Falls police searched his home "and allegedly found 10 grams of marijuana and concentrate and one gram of cocaine, as well as various drug paraphernalia." The man was subsequently arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute. He was also found to have two outstanding warrants for a probation violation and a failure to appear in court, was booked into jail, and has since been released.

PSA, y'all: Until pot is declared legal in all 50 states, limit any drug-related deals to text messages or Craigslist, as the Lord intended.