The Way Chipotle Makes Its Guac Won't Shock You

Chipotle's guacamole recipe is not far off from how you might make it at home.

People always crack jokes about Chipotle's guacamole. Mention it to anyone and they'll probably mumble, "Yeah, but guac's extra," referring to the fact that there's an additional charge for guacamole (which is fine, avocados are expensive!). By itself, Chipotle guacamole is a decent version of the creamy avocado spread, but it definitely does make a burrito or bowl feel pretty luxurious. The New York Post reports that a TikTok user who works at Chipotle has revealed how the chain makes its guac, and thankfully, there are no surprises here.


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TikTok user @thechipotleguy made two videos about the luxurious green stuff, and the process is about as straightforward as you'd imagine. First, the employee starts with a massive bowl of avocados, then adds salt. After that, they use an enormous tool to smash the mix until it's a puree. Once that's smoothed out, a simple pre-diced mix of cilantro, onions, and jalapeΓ±os are added, along with some citrus juice.


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♬ original sound – xavi maestas πŸŒ™

After that, the guacamole is stored in metal pans, covered in plastic wrap with all of the air pushed out, and sealed until service. That's it. This is a pretty straightforward guacamole without many embellishments, but if you'd had any suspicion that it came in bags, it doesn't. In the comments, @thechipotle guy mentions that four to six bowls are made a day, and that it takes 50 to 70 avocados to make one giant bowl. Three to four employees need to work together for about an hour to get a batch ready.

Part of the appeal of Chipotle is that they prep most of their ingredients in house. Sure, the food might not exactly contain the most adventurous flavor, but it definitely hits differently than say, Taco Bell. I think that's part of why Chipotle is so popular.

I'll always shell out the extra bucks for guacamole, since I'm such a sucker for avocados in any form. But now we all know what kind of elbow grease goes into it. By the way, where do I get one of those giant mashers?