TIL You Can Store Some Halloween Candy For Next Year By Freezing It

If you had an overabundance of candy this year, you might be able to save a bit.

It's easy to overbuy Halloween candy, isn't it? In fact, it's probably ideal to do so, because you don't want to be known as the person who ran out of candy early, to the trick-or-treaters. Kids remember that kind of shit. And in the unlikely case that you won't be snacking on your personal stash during the next few weeks, you might wonder if it's prudent to save a few bucks by freezing your candy and doling it out next year.


Lifesavvy reports that in some cases, this does actually work. If you insist on doing this (again, not sure I'd be able to resist eating it all), then you'll want to seal all of your candy in an airtight container before putting it in cryogenic slumber.

Which types of candy can you store for a full year?

Milk and white chocolate: You can in fact, freeze milk and white chocolate. It'll last a full year.

Dark chocolate: Dark chocolate is a different beast. If you're in a warm climate, freezing it should help extend its lifespan, but otherwise, as long as it's sealed tightly, it'll stay good for up to two years. If you are handing out dark chocolate to children, you may want to ask yourself who you really bought that candy for, because last time I checked, most kids prefer milk chocolate.


Hard candy: You've got a full year of freshness with hard candy, when stored in the freezer.

Gummies: Just like hard candy, if you seal them up and store them in the freezer, you can get a full year out of them.

All this being said, by the time a full year rolls by, you may have passed the expiration date on some of this stuff, in which case some parents will probably give you the side-eye when they rifle through their kid's haul. But if you follow these rules, you'll be so popular that having leftover candy won't be an issue. Of course, you could (and should) probably just eat them right out of the freezer.