Hot Dog Candy Canes: Too Soon? Too Much?

Shortly after their debut, hot dog candy canes are already out of stock.

Here's an early holiday surprise no one asked for: hot dog candy canes. Yeah, I'm not kidding. Kinda wish I was, but I'm not. I know these aren't the first oddly flavored canes to hit the market, but they're one of the most questionable. And yet, they are already out of stock.

Back at it again, Archie McPhee, which has a long history of selling a number of other boldly flavored holiday sticks like shiitake mushroom candy canes, kale candy canes, and mac & cheese candy canes, sells the hot dog flavor for $6.50 per box of six. The site does give a cute product description for the savory oddities:

"Hot Dog Candy Canes will remind you of school lunches and backyard BBQs. Instead of cookies this year, maybe Santa would prefer a wiener? Boiled, grilled or steamed, everybody loves a hot dog! Sure, traditionally they aren't made from the highest quality meat, but it's a nostalgic flavor that can't be beat. Each pack of six 5-1/4" tall candy canes has red and white stripes and tastes like a sweet, meaty hot dog."

The site also says "bun not included," which must just send true hot dog lovers over the edge.

What shocks me most is not that they exist, but that they're out of stock. Who is buying up meat-flavored candy canes? A dog owner? Are they even pet safe? I guess I'm in no place to judge since people regularly send me advertisements for pickle-flavored candy canes (I love pickles). But, I'd like you all to know that I do have my limits, and I do draw the line somewhere (pickles are amazing, but they don't work with everything). Hot dog candy canes are far past my line. As for the yodeling pickle ornament also for sale on the site, that might have some potential.