Hooters Has The Only Black Friday Deal That Matters

All-you-can eat wings are happening at Hooters this Thanksgiving weekend.

We're huge fans of an all-you-can eat deal. Yes, a big part of it is the gluttony involved, but feeling like you've gotten your money's worth provides a different kind of satisfaction altogether. That's why this Thanksgiving weekend, Hooters' special Black Friday promotion has our full attention: all-you-can eat wings for under $20. Forget turkey leftovers, we're going out for chicken.

Hooters’ all-you-can-eat wings deal, explained

Hooters has announced that on Friday, November 24, participating locations (specifically Hooters of America corporate restaurants) will be serving a "doorbuster" deal of all-you-can-eat signature wings. And not just the standard fried breaded wings are eligible for the deal—customers can choose between bone-in, boneless, naked (no breading, but still sauced), Daytona-style (naked wings tossed in its Daytona Beach sauce, then grilled), roasted, and smoked varieties for anyone dining in at these locations.


Imagine the glory of eating flappers until you wave the sauce-stained white flag. This deal costs $19.83, a nod to when Hooters was founded 40 years ago.

Are Hooters’ all-you-can-eat wings worth it?

A deal like this obviously isn't worth it if you can't crush a bunch of wings, so let's take a quick glance at the prices. At the Hooters location nearest to The Takeout's office in Chicago, the normal bone-in wings don't come cheap: An order of 10 starts at $17.39.


At that price, you're paying about $1.75 per wing. To get the same or better value from an order that costs $19.83, you'd have to eat 12 or more. If you want the value of each wing to drop below a dollar, you're facing down 20 drums and flats—and remember, this is a dine-in-only deal.

Hooters' standard wings are breaded and can admittedly be a little heavy. But if you opt for the naked kind, I bet you can get your mileage out of the all-you-can-eat promotion. After a day of vigorous Black Friday holiday shopping and deal-hunting, you might work up a pretty big appetite.

Are Hooters’ wings any good?

A deal on paper is one thing, but if the wings suck, then it's certainly not worth your time. Earlier this summer, my friend and I found ourselves at Hooters for the first time in years (yes, I know what you're thinking, but it was for the wings), and I was struck by how genuinely good the wings were. I'm usually a purist who likes my wings unbreaded, but I got the house style and finished all 10 of them. And I'm not the only one who appreciates the Hooters menu.


All things considered, this is a pretty good Black Friday deal. If you're out and about and don't feel like eating leftovers at the end of the day, you could certainly do worse than a whole mess of chicken wings.