RanchNog Is The Hottest Holiday Gift For Midwesterners This Year

Hidden Valley Ranch is releasing a RanchNog and other holiday merchandise.

Ope! Should have seen this one coming. Hidden Valley Ranch wants to make the holidays as creamy and Midwestern as possible. The company announced in a press release that the star of this year's Hidden Valley Ranch Holiday Collection will be a limited-edition Holiday RanchNog Kit.

Hidden Valley partnered with mixologists at Whiskey and Rosemary, a lifestyle brand focused on craft cocktails, to put together this kit, which comes with two glasses, a gold jigger, Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning packets, and a recipe card to show you how to create the cocktail. The whole kit sells for $50. (Sometimes I wonder: When mixologists are approached with an idea for a new drink or flavor combination, do they ever think, "Maybe this one doesn't need to happen"?)

The brand describes the cocktail flavor as one that "marries the creamy, slightly sweet elements of eggnog with the savory, cool and herby flavors of ranch." Eggnog is an acquired taste as it is, so I don't know if adding ranch to the mix will really pull in any new nog lovers, but I'm not here to judge how people celebrate their holidays.

In addition to the RanchNog, Hidden Valley also released a hodgepodge of merchandise to gift to friends and family:

  • A branded suitcase that costs $300
  • A Yoga Lovers Kit for $75 that includes a yoga mat towel, hair ties, water bottle, water bottle stickers, and a bottle of Hidden Valley Plant Powered Ranch
  • A $110 Pizza Lovers Kit with games, pizza cutter, pizza blanket, water bottle, water bottle stickers, and a bottle of Hidden Valley Original Ranch
  • A Ranch Night Kit, also $110, that includes oven mitts, taco stands, a picnic blanket, a recipe book, utensil set, a water bottle, and an 8-oz. Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning Shaker
  • In case you missed it: The suitcase costs $300! Three hundred dollars for salad dressing on wheels. At least the kits come with a decent amount of items to (somewhat) justify the big-ass price tag. If you have a ranch-loving friend or family member this is your time to shine as the best gift-giver ever. Each of these holiday ranch fest items can be purchased at Hidden Valley's shop.

    Between this holiday swag and the Halloween ranch packets, this has been a big year for the Hidden Valley Ranch merchandise team, hasn't it?