Here's Where Eminem's Spaghetti Pop-Up Is Heading Next

Eminem's in L.A. for the Super Bowl, and he's brought Mom's Spaghetti with him.

While Eminem's had a storied career in rap, we've been just as interested in his foray into the culinary scene, namely because of his commitment to a food he rapped about throwing up 20 years ago: Mom's spaghetti. Eminem opened a Mom's Spaghetti pop-up restaurant in Detroit back in 2017, and in 2021, the concept became a full-blown restaurant. The fact that I associate a rapper with upchucking pasta is a fact I appreciate greatly (and as an added benefit, I get to write about it too). As it turns out, Mom's Spaghetti travels with Eminem, and Angelenos will soon get a chance to try it themselves, reports TMZ.

If you haven't heard yet, Eminem will be performing in this year's Super Bowl Halftime Show, alongside Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige, and Kendrick Lamar, at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. But more importantly, his restaurant, Mom's Spaghetti, will be temporarily popping up in Downtown L.A. this week, closing the day after the Super Bowl.

Co-owner Curt Catallo says about the spaghetti, "It's not the kind of pasta you'd expect if your grandma came from Italy on a boat... it's more like the spaghetti you'd know if your mom came from Michigan on a bus." Even though I haven't tried Mom's Spaghetti yet (never say never), I feel this statement deep within my bones.

Takeout contributor Leor Galil visited Eminem's brick-and-mortar restaurant in Detroit, and had a lot to say about it. It's located on the ground floor of Little Caesar's headquarters, which I couldn't make up if I tried, and Galil described the food as "the kind of comfort food that provides solace simply by existing, sold through the name of a superstar whose peripatetic childhood was colored by the kind of poverty that could render food unappealing."

For those of you in Los Angeles who aren't going to make the trek downtown (understandable), Postmates is delivering the spaghetti as well (free for orders over $20). But last time I checked, pasta doesn't exactly deliver well. Does it matter if you're planning on throwing it up at a rap battle later? Probably not.

If any of our readers get a taste of Mom's Angeleno Spaghetti, we want to hear all about it.